In space applications, failure is not an option. At Cinch Connectivity Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering commercial and customized solutions to meet the most demanding applications. With a wide array of product lines to address your needs in low earth orbit, geosynchronous orbit, medium earth orbit, ground support, and launch systems, Cinch provides high quality, competitive solutions by utilizing our global team of expert engineers and quality personnel.

GEO & MEO Satellites

A wide range of space qualified products for the primary GEO and MEO satellite functions meteorology, navigation, and broadband.

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions has a proven space pedigree with a history of missions spanning over six decades, from the Voyager, Mariner, and Apollo ventures of the 1970s to embryonic projects with planned launch dates many years from now.


  • Mariner Space Probe
  • Apollo Missions
  • Orbitor 1010 Space Shuttle
  • Voyager


  • Beagle 2
  • Alphasat/Inmarsat 4
  • Copernicus Sentinel-1
  • Copernicus Sentinel-2
  • Inmarsat 5
  • Sentinel-3A
  • Sentinel-3B
  • K425 Earth Observation Radar Satellites
  • Nilesat-301


  • Exo Mars
  • Sentinel-3C
  • Sentinel-3D
  • Inmarsat 6
  • COSMO-SkyMed