Bel Magnetic Solutions . November 08, 2023

Upgraded Power over Ethernet ICMs Provide Maximum Speed Across a Range of Wattage

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Santa Clara, CA. [Nov 8, 2023] Bel Fuse Inc, a leading global manufacturer of products that power, protect, and connect electronic circuits, today announced the expansion of its single port, 10G, NBase-T, 60W and 100W power over Ethernet (PoE), MagJack® integrated connector modules (ICMs).

Suitable for a wide range of uses, such as industrial controllers, video cameras, Wi-Fi access points, or any applications requiring a single port Ethernet connector. The new ICM products are aimed at customers looking to upgrade product performance for maximum speed at 60W or 100W of power. Customers can implement PoE while increasing their speed to 10G, ten times of the standard Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). The new ICMs are ideal to support high power requirements of network devices and Internet of Things (IoT).

This product family can send or receive 0 to 60W or 0 to 100W of power per port over all four pairs within the Ethernet cable while maintaining the bandwidth of the NBASE-T compliant 10GbE signals, meeting the latest IEEE 802.3 electrical standard requirements and common mode parameters. Additionally, the products can carry 600mA or 1000mA of current and 37.0 – 57.0 VDC continuously, operating in a temperature range of -40⁰C to 85⁰C depending on the model.

Bel Fuse ICMs can be used as either a PSE (Power Source Equipment) or a PD (Powered Device) and are designed to support all Marvell’s PHYs including MV-CUX3610. The latest products are backward compatible to slower speeds and lower powers as needed and use industry standard footprints and pin-outs, including 50 micro-inches of gold-plated contacts as required by the FCC with EMI-spring tabs on the shield for enhanced EMI and ESD performance. Available in many different LED color combinations, the ICMs are 100% high-potential tested, lead-free, wave-solder compatible, RoHS 6/6 compliant, UL recognized, and feature a RJ45 plug-tab up for ease of use.


  • Product series: G27-122T-066B, G27-122T-162
  • Applications: Industrial, Wireless Broadband
  • Distribution availability: Digikey, Mouser

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